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Cellulite Treatment

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Cellulite Treatment
Say good bye to your dimples and excess fat. Reduce the appearance of cellulite effectively and safely.
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About Cellulite Treatment or Body Contouring

Smoothing the dimpled, “orange peel” appearance of cellulite is now possible with new, state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Linda Ptito offers cellulite treatment in Montreal using the Endermolab by LPG for lipomassage. Developed 20 years ago, this technology is proven toreshape the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite effectively and safely.

What Makes Cellulite Treatment or Body Contouring Effective?

During Montreal area cellulite treatment, The Endermolab uses a unique patented mechanical stimulation (Endermologie®) that has a powerful and profound effect on tissues. This cutaneous manipulation stimulates the bloodstream and lymphatic system, thus promoting the elimination of metabolic wastes. The Endermolab restores and activates certain functions of the body and skin. As a result, the body is slimmed and toned, the skin becomes softer and firmer. As a bonus, this natural process enhances well-being and relaxation.

The various applications of the Endermolab, both therapeutic and aesthetic, have been validated by numerous clinical and scientific studies. To date, more than 10 million people worldwide have benefitted from treatment.

  • Therapeutic: Draining and treatment of tired legs, scars, edema, muscle recovery after exercise, postoperative (post-liposuction) therapy and burns.
  • Anti-Aging: Treating sagging skin, easing tension, boosting energy, creating a rested & rejuvenated appearance.
  • Beauty: Fighting cellulite, shaping the body, smoothing, firming and toning the skin, treating localized fat.

What to Expect with Cellulite Treatment or Body Contouring

Length of treatment: 35 min

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