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Clinique PTITO
Medical Aesthetics

Our main medical aesthetics clinic is located in downtown Montreal with our second location in the West Island in Pointe Claire. We are a leader in the Montreal medical aesthetics industry offering, medical aesthetics treatments, skin care treatments, training and over 25 years of experience!


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Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal | Clinique Ptito
About Us

Our Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal

Offering innovative products and treatments including facial rejuvenation solutions such as non-surgical facial lifts, wrinkle treatment with injectables (such as BOTOX®), as well as laser hair removal for all skin types and body contouring solutions, Dr. Linda Ptito works with each patient to achieve beautiful, natural looking results. Her spirit and passion for beauty are reflected in the office environment and in the care provided by the talented staff members.

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When Experience Matters.

Dr. Ptito has the spirit, passion, and flair of a true artist. Her patients are her medium, and innovative products and treatments are her tools. She works with each patient to achieve beautiful, natural looking results through leading edge techniques and advanced skin care at Clinique Ptito.

Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal | Clinique Ptito Dr. Linda Ptito
Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal | Clinique Ptito
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Clinique Ptito

With over 25 years of experience in the Montreal medical aesthetics industry.
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Medical Aesthetics
Clear and Brilliant

While some of these things can be avoided, no matter what you do, wrinkles will always show up to make you look tired, unhappy, and older. The good news is that there are ways to diminish the appearance of wrinkles without surgery and the downtime associated with it.

Laser Hair Removal

Most of us have to deal with unwanted hair on a regular basis. Whether you shave, tweeze, or wax, you are familiar with the discomfort and inconvenience of removing excess hair. These methods require an ongoing investment of your time and money, with results that are short-lived.

Treatment of Skin Colours

Dr. Ptito extended her expertise, almost 20 years ago, in the treatment of all skin colors. Her customers include more than 50 different cultures and she has become a reference for cosmetic dermatology. Her approach is personalized and adapted according to ethnicity, type of problem and age.

Meet Us
The Clinique Ptito Team
Anouk Ptito | Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal | Clinique Ptito
Anouk the owner of CLINIQUE PTITO, together with her mother Dr. Ptito created a unique blend of innovative treatment protocols with personalized approaches. "We are all different and unique."
Anouk Ptito
Office Manager
Irina Vdovickenko | Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal | Clinique Ptito
Irina has more than a decade of experience in a diversity of medical settings. She is a highly trained specialized aesthetic nurse injector and a graduate of McGill University.
Irina Vdovickenko
Sandrine Saad | Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal | Clinique Ptito
Sandrine has been in the medical aesthetics industry for many years and has received extensive training. Her professionalism and care for her clients is beyond measure.
Sandrine Saad
Simy Doss | Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal | Clinique Ptito
Simy is an essential component to the success of our clinic, she is available to assist you with all your needs and direct you to the most beneficial solutions.
Simy Doss
Customer Service
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