Unlock unimaginable beauty within you in just 30 days with The Morpheus - a masterpiece treatment that’ll have you finally waking up to your real, true, most beautiful self.

What If We Told You...

... that you could achieve your beauty goals without worrying about how your results will turn out?

... that you could actually trust the people you work with in reaching your beauty goals?

... that you can actually achieve your best beauty yet in just 30 days?

And what if we told you... that it’s all very real and possible.

Thanks to the Morpheus - an enhanced, non-surgical, skin resurfacing treatment that’s designed to awaken the real, true, most beautiful you in just 30 days

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, a little.

That’s because on its own, the Morpheus is just another treatment.

But when performed by the right person, it becomes something that’s quite spectacular.


Dr. Ptito is one of professionalism and INCREDIBLE competence! The result is always perfection! Her team is attentive and respectful! And regarding the clinic... just magnificient!

- Cynthia V.

The Morpheus:
A Treatment That
Awakens The Real You

In Greek mythology, Morpheus ('Fashioner', derived from the Ancient Greek words meaning 'form, shape') is a god associated with sleep and dreams.

The Morpheus treatment derives its name from this concept due to “how deep” the needles can enter a person’s skin.

This new level of precision opens up doors to all sorts of beauty possibilities.

But that’s only half the magic

The other half is in Dr. Linda Ptito’s approach of embracing the individual’s unique facial features to “awaken” their true beauty - the one that sleeps deep inside them.

Using this as the guiding force behind the treatment, achieving dream-like beauty in 30 days isn’t “just a dream” - it’s a reality.


By far the best. I have no words except for the word “perfection”. She is simply the best.

- Maro I.

For Those Who Are Ready To Finally Wake Up

The Morpheus might just be the perfect treatment for you if you:

• want to see results in 30 days but also looking towards the long-term

• want to work with a specialized, experienced team of professionals

• value a courteous, honest, and consultative approach

• wish to look and feel your best in a natural, realistic way

• see your beauty as an investment

• want genuine results that last

However, you may not get much out of working together if you:

• are looking for quick-fixes

• are only interested in partial transformation

• think this will solve all your other life problems

• just want people to take orders because you’re paying them

If you’re more aligned with the first set of bullet points, then the next step is to click on the button below so you can fill out a quick form and start the process of connecting together.


Best best clinic! The ONLY one I trust !!

- Valérie T.

Meet The Doctor Behind
The Butterfly Lift:
Dr. Linda Ptito, LMCC

Linda Ptito is a doctor of medicine and graduate of the University of Bordeaux in France. She completed her medical training at McGill University for anesthesia and at Université de Montréal from 1977 to 1980. She is a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

A pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Linda Ptito was one of the first doctors in the early 1990s to treat dynamic wrinkles with collagen injections; progress made with BOTOX Cosmetic MD have allowed her to refine and enhance results achieved through non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Linda Ptito served as a beauty consultant at a Singapore spa where she began using cosmeceuticals—virtually unknown at the time—to treat certain dermatological concerns like pigment spots, acne, and aging skin.

Dr. Linda Ptito has also completed liposuction training in France and in the United States under the leadership of esteemed Dr. Jeffrey Klein.

Dr. Linda Ptito provides training to doctors who wish to specialize in medical aesthetics. For more than 20 years, she has travelled the world to perfect her skill set and offer innovative, non-invasive cosmetic solutions to her patients.


Professional, neat, knowledgeable and excellent service!

- Sinthuja S.

Ready To Awaken Your Real Beauty In 30 Days?
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There is a consultation fee of $150 to be paid upon your visit. However, if you decide to move forward with working with us, the fee will be applied to any treatment investment you make at our clinic.

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